Hey! This is my submission for Game Dev Network's Dragon Jam. I haven't done something text-based in a while, so I thought it's best to bring that habit back here. 

This was made in Twine 2, so it was pretty tricky to figure out some of the things, but it made a lot of aspects much easier and I also learned a bunch of html and css on the way. 

It was fun to make altogether, and I hope you'll have fun with it too...


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The source of power it's in the Power Shaft, but the game tells the PS is still empty? I can't advance from there! D:

Dude, it should have worked, I'm sorry for that :( I'll try testing it again and update it after the jam voting ends.

Actually it's ok, I checked the discord chat and fixing lethal bugs after the deadline is allowed. The power shaft part works now ;)

Yay! I really like the ending! The story was overall kind of cute, like some kind of fairy tale. I loved your game. Wish you luck on the jam //( =^ェ^꞊)b

yay, thanks a lot! :)